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    “Super-supportive tool. I have used this with clients and it works out very well. Format is great. It is very clear and effective.”

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    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

    What you get:

    This 2-page handout helps get rid of the struggle of knowing which foods to buy for heart health. Page one gives helpful information regarding the American Heart Association's heart-check labeling and describes what to look for on nutrition labels while page two is a super simple list of heart healthy foods to shop for.


    Thinking about all the foods you CAN'T eat can be discouraging. Maybe you feel overly restricted? Unsure of how to change your eating patterns?

    Knowing the facts are a great place to start when taking charge of your heart health. Get familiar with which foods may be adding unnecessary fat, sodium and cholesterol to your diet AND what you can eat instead. Start feeling less unhappy making dietary changes and more CONFIDENT and FULFILLED!